SWE 39
International One Design

SWE 39

Linus Persson, Ulf Hjalmarsson, Anders Uddén, Ronny Friberg
1947, Aas in Fredrikstad Norway
Material Oregon Pine. Built for Stein Holst of Oslo, then Arne Hovdan, Chr. Kongsoere, Thorleif Corneliusen (Spadilje) 1959; Per Rasmussen and 1974 by Wilhelm Andersen of Oslo. Sold to Christian Albeck in 1974 and to Tore Gronvold in 1975. Very good condition. Langeline were lended out to Sweden and bought by the current crew in 2011.


Ronny Friberg

Ulf Hjalmarsson

Linus Persson

Anders Uddén

Magnus Berglund

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