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International One Design

About IOD

1936 in Fredrikstad, Norway
Bjarne Aas
The International One Design (IOD) is a class of sailboat that was designedin the 1936 by Bjarne Aas in Norway on behalf of sailors in the USA, for use ininternational competition. The IOD was developed as a result of a need for aone-design class of boat that could be used in international competition andwould be equally competitive for sailors from different countries.The design was influenced by the Star class, which was a popular racingclass at the time, but the IOD was designed to be slightly larger and moreseaworthy.The boats were built until 1967 at Isegran in Fredrikstad, Norway, and thematerials used were Oregon Pine and Mahogany. During the 70s and 80s until1995, boats were built of fiberglass in the USA, Bermuda, and Scotland.Since 1995, the form from Scotland has been at Tjörns Yachtservice inSweden. The first boat, IOD SWE-65, was built at TYS in the winter of 1995-96and named "Isegran". Since then, numbers 66-73 have been built inAlmösund, and a total of approximately 200 boats have been built since 1937,and most of these are still raced today. Today, IODs are sailed in manycountries around the world, and the class continues to be a popular choice forinternational racing.


In addition to the sheer enjoyment of sailing, the IOD is also a challenging and rewarding boat to sail. The one-design nature of the class means that all boats are equally competitive, so sailing an IOD requires a high level of skill and strategy. This can make racing in an IOD a thrilling and rewarding experience, as the crew work together to outmaneuver and outpace their opponents.The IOD is a keelboat, which means it has a long, fixed keel that helps to stabilize the boat and gives it good windward performance. The boat is typically sailed by a crew of four or five people, with the skipper serving as the captain and the other crew members responsible for handling the sails. The IOD is known for its versatility, as it can be sailed in a variety of conditions and is suitable for both experienced and novice sailors.

International regattas

World cup
The season's champion competes
The season's runner up competes
At the end of the sailing season, the winner and runner-up are typically the two boats that have performed the best overall. These two boats are then given the opportunity to represent the fleet in international regattas. This is a great honor and a testament to great skill and hard work.Participating in international regattas can be a thrilling and rewarding experience, as it allows the crews to test their skills against top sailors from around the world and enjoy the unique challenges and experiences that these events offer. We believe that representing our fleet in these prestigious competitions is a great accomplishment and a testament to great sailing ability.

Friend-ships around the globe

Finally, sailing an IOD is a social activity that allows us to spend time with friends and make new ones. The regattas and other competitions is a great opportunity for crews to socialize with old and new friends. Many sailors participate in multiple regattas throughout their sailing careers, so there is a good chance that they get to see familiar faces at these events.