SWE 33
International One Design

SWE 33

Lars Berntsson
1947 at Aas in Fredrikstad Norway
Material Oregon Pine. Fred Olsen won Norwegian Championships with her in 1954-56, then as Kalas won it again in 1963 as Kalle Nergaard 1959 list. Originaly owned by Fred Olsen, romour is that Fred´s father gave him the boat in 1947. 1974 owned by Sverre Andre Holm, Sandefjord, Runnar Lie 1977-83. Since 1983 owned by Ulf and Eli Ulriksen. Sold to Sweden and renamed to Huttetu by Björn Wahlström and Mats Wastegård. Since 2004 owned by Lars Berntsson


Eivor Knutsson

Maria Laigar

Åse Lund

Pascal Evheden

Åsa Lidén

Helena Sigfeldt

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