IOD till salu i England


IOD Greyhound, wood built by Bjarne Aas in Frederikstad  Noway  1932.
A beautiful boat and fast! I wondered if you would be interested to purchase my IOD Greyhound?

It is now for sale, since my business is very demanding on my time.
It was purchased by me in 2011 from the USA and now is in St Mawes Cornwall.
It is a fast boat and has been completely overhauled in 2012 with new mast, rigging and sails.
If you are interested, please come for a sail in Cornwall.

Price is 25,000 GBP with road trailer. Ex St Mawes Cornwall.

Med hilsen,

William Oliver.  Mobile: +447785 267851

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  1. I am looking for a wooden IOD for sale. I found your ad on Internet. She is probably sold but in case its not the case I am interested. I sale in Britanny which is not very far from Cornwall.



    1. Hello. It’s not we in Sweden that has the boat for sale. Please call William Oliver.  Mobile: +447785 267851, that is the seller. Best regard Johan

  2. Good evening William

    i was racing today on Evelyn and spoke with Dehlia after the racing along with Mike from Wildgoose. I am thinking of buying an IOD so was looking on the web this evening. I am around this week and if interesting would be interested to take a look at Greyhound.



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